About Unit12

UNIT12 is a small studio run by Iris Lucia Megens from Rotterdam, offering handmade bags in various shapes and sizes. All made from durable and water resistant Nylon. Designed with simplicity in mind, they are the perfect minimalist companion to everyday life.

All bags are designed by Iris Lucia Megens. After obtaining her master degree in Design at the Piet Zwart Institute, she started the studio UNIT12. Materials are the heart of every research when she's making a new product. Whether that's her line of minimalist bags or 3D printed vases.

Handmade with love in Rotterdam.

Group of people standing in an industrial setting holding Unit12 bags, from left to right, one person is holding the weekender and the sling bag in white, one person is wearing the yellow fanny pack, one person is wearing the golden shoulder bag and one person is holding the shopper in black and a sling bag in yellow